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We are often asked the same questions by new customers before they come to their first class, and existing customers, on a variety of topics. Therefore we thought putting the answers to these queries on the page might prove useful to you.

We are always happy to hear from anyone with concerns or questions, but before you email or call, please have a quick look below to see if we have already answered the question here for you.


What should I bring to my first lesson?

As our training is positive reward based we use lots of treats and toys to reward our dogs. Please bring plenty of food for your dog, ideally cut into small pieces, approximately the size of your little finger nail. Shop bought dog biscuit type foods will be too large and too crunchy. You should try and bring a variety of food types – for example; dry kibble, chopped cheese, sausage, liver cake, sardine cake, tuna cake, chicken, ham, steak etc. Softer foods are better than hard foods that your dog has to stop and crunch up. We will probably use more than you initially expect and it’s better to bring too much than run out half way through.

It is also helpful to have a food treat bag – many people bring drawstring bags/pouches that hang from your waist or belt and refill these from their tubs of food when they run out during the class. Please also bring a couple of different toys for your dog. If they have a favourite toy, bring it along, plus some others. If it doesn’t play with toys but quite likes the feather duster or old socks for example – bring that along too!! Anything that will encourage your dog to play! If possible, bring a toy that can be thrown and a toy that can be tugged with.

Please bring your dog on a flat collar and lead. Please avoid bringing your dog on an extendible lead. These are too clumpy and awkward to work with in the class. You may also need poo bags so please bring these every week. If you are attending obedience classes you might like to bring a mat as it may be used in some of the exercises.


Do I need to wear any special clothing?

It’s possible you might get wet while training so please dress accordingly, depending on the Wellington weather. You might also be doing some running and other activities so make sure your clothing is comfortable for you. Regarding footwear – try to wear some trainers or walking shoes that have grip in case the ground outside is wet.  All grade classes take place outdoors and run nomatter what the weather.  Please dress appropriately for the conditions particularly during winter.


What collar and lead should I bring?

Please bring your dog to classes on a flat collar (no check collars please) or harness and a standard lead, approximately 1m long.


Do you have any rules for your classes that I should know about?

Here are some guide lines for people attending classes and workshops. We have come up with this list to help ensure your safety whilst training with us and also to help create a happy working environment for all of our customers. Please make sure you are aware of these points before attending classes or workshops with us.

  • Firstly, please keep your dog on lead whenever you are walking to and from the training areas.

  • Please pick up after your dog if it goes to the toilet anywhere on site, and take away or place it in the rubbish bin on site.

  • Do not feed your dog prior to training, or exercise them too much so that they are hungry and keen to work for food and toy rewards when you bring them to their class.

  • If you are attending your first ever class we recommend you leave your dog in the car just for the first 5-10 minutes, make your way to the training area (indoor or outdoor) to meet the trainer, and they will be able to have a quick chat with you and let you know the basics of what you will be doing and show you how the class will run. The instructor will then tell you to get your dog and come and join the fun!

  • As there may be a class already running before yours starts please wait until the previous class comes out or the trainer calls you in. When the dogs and owners from the previous class leave give them plenty of space to get through and don’t crowd the areas as some dogs can be claustrophobic in small spaces.

  • We teach our dogs to be focused on us and we don’t want them going off to say hello to every other dog in the class, so they will work on leads until we know we have taught them this. Therefore please make sure you keep your dog’s focus and attention on you and don’t let it be a nuisance to the other dogs by running off and interfering in their training if they are concentrating on their owners.

  • Remember to have mutual respect for each other and the dogs in the group. Your dog might be over friendly but there may well be dogs in the group that do not appreciate others in their space. Please keep yours under control.

  • If you think that your dog is not comfortable with other dogs too close to them, or there is a possibility it might be frightened by certain situations or exercises, or might bite, then please, please let your instructor know. We can work with these things but need to know before anything goes wrong. Please also warn anyone that you are partnered with if you do not want their dog too close to yours.





We believe that we can use our brains rather than our brawn to train our dogs, without pain or force being applied. We know that behavior that is rewarded will be repeated, and therefore we work to set ourselves and our dogs up to succeed so that they can practice getting it right in order to form socially acceptable habits, and learn in a positive manner how to live their lives with us, and us with them.




Classes and events currently available can only be booked online.  We also have "Waiting list" classes in Bookwhen so if you don't see a class that suits please sign up for the wait list and then we can contact you when a class becomes available. We run classes on a 10 week term with both weekend and weeknight options.


About us

Central Allbreeds Dog Training School recently celebrated fifty years of training and is a fun, family-oriented, friendly club for all dogs (no matter what breed or mix of breeds) and their owners, promoting training with positive reinforcement techniques.

We can help you achieve the best relationship with your dog. Activities we teach include lifestyle (domestic) training, Rally-O, agility, flygility, scenting and anything else that's positive and fun that owners would like to teach their dogs to do.

Dogs need to be over four months old and fully vaccinated. Our only other criteria are that the training is fun, and that you both enjoy it!