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Rally-O is a sport which contains elements of obedience, agility and dancing with dogs. The course is numbered and timed, and is suitable for the first time dog owner, the obedience and agility competitor and the agility dog under 18 months as well as retired dogs that still want to work. It provides various levels, with increasing skill requirements (NZARO).

Tuesday Night Rally-O Classes - 8:00pm

Jan Voss takes a regular Rally-O class on a Tuesday night (with an occasional break during school holidays). Anyone who has interested is welcome; prior attendance at an introduction level class is recommended but not essential. The classes are aimed to lead to competition for those that are interested in taking their Rally-O training further.


The first Tuesday of each month is committee meeting so the following Wednesday is Rally-O Link (inter-club competition) night and is open to all, with NZARO members in the competition running first. Everyone else is welcome to take a turn after. This is a fun and safe way to dabble with a competition, we'd encourage you to come along and have a go!

Introductory Rally-O course

Pre-requisites are membership and your dog being able to "sit" and "down" on command, and hopefully loose-lead walk. There are no off leash exercises at this level. This is a great class to polish your every day skills with the option of competing at Rally-O events as your confidence grows.


All Rally-O classes are free to members that have paid the annual activity fee of $20.  For more information see the NZARO web site.





We believe that we can use our brains rather than our brawn to train our dogs, without pain or force being applied. We know that behavior that is rewarded will be repeated, and therefore we work to set ourselves and our dogs up to succeed so that they can practice getting it right in order to form socially acceptable habits, and learn in a positive manner how to live their lives with us, and us with them.




Classes and events currently available can only be booked online.  We also have "Waiting list" classes in Bookwhen so if you don't see a class that suits please sign up for the wait list and then we can contact you when a class becomes available. We run classes on a 10 week term with both weekend and weeknight options.


About us

Central Allbreeds Dog Training School recently celebrated fifty years of training and is a fun, family-oriented, friendly club for all dogs (no matter what breed or mix of breeds) and their owners, promoting training with positive reinforcement techniques.

We can help you achieve the best relationship with your dog. Activities we teach include lifestyle (domestic) training, Rally-O, agility, flygility, scenting and anything else that's positive and fun that owners would like to teach their dogs to do.

Dogs need to be over four months old and fully vaccinated. Our only other criteria are that the training is fun, and that you both enjoy it!