Puppy Primer
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A five-week group class for puppies 14 - 20 weeks, offering age-specific training and qualified development advice.

First session only is via Zoom from the safety of your own home.

Following sessions are at the Club Grounds enable positive socialisation experiences with people and other pups. Introduces loose lead walking, recalls, wait, and stay, basic commands and how to manage off-lead interaction for your rapidly growing puppy.

Family involvement encouraged. A practical and positive start to your puppy’s education, help with housetraining, common puppy problems and early training skills.

Class Details

  • Puppies must be 14-20 weeks at start of class
  • 5 sessions, each an hour long
  • Session 1: Zoom Workshop
  • Sessions 2-5: Group class at Club Grounds, Ian Galloway Park, Wilton (Map)
  • Cost $100

Schedule for 2023

Class Day & time First Class Last Class
T1.1 Puppy Primer Sunday 3.30pm 12 February 12 March
T1.1 Puppy Primer Sunday 4.45pm 12 February 12 March

How to Book

All our bookings are made and paid for here on our website. All available classes are listed on our website. If a class is full you are able to go on the waitlist for that class. If a position becomes available we will email the people on the waiting list and the first person to go in and book will get the spot. 

What to bring

  • Puppy on a regular flat collar and lead, no slip leads or choke chains
  • Dog's vaccination record
  • Lots of small yummy food bits
  • a mat or blanket
  • something to chew

Senior instructor: Jan Voss of Ace Dog Training

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