Which Class?

Which class will suit you and your dog will depend on your dog's age, previous training, and what you both like to do. 

Age at start of class Previous Training Recommended Class
8-13 weeks - Sorry we don't have classes for very young puppies, check with your vet for other options
14-20 weeks - Puppy primer group class just for puppies 14 - 20 weeks
20+ weeks Puppy class or none

Practical Canines is our beginner class for any age puppy or dog

Any age

Practical Canines* 

Practical Skills - Next Steps

Introduction to Rally-O

Foundation Canine Good Citizen

Novice Tricks


Intro Agility (non jumping)

Trei Ball

Any Age Intro Rally O Rally O Squad
12 months+ Foundation CGC

Can do the Foundation CGC Assessment 

Further CGC classess to learn

12 -18 months + Agility or hoopers Full Agility - Can start to do jumping when their growth plates have hardened off and go to competitions

* If you have done a beginner class at another club or with a private trainer then that will likely be sufficient pre-requisit. Just a puppy class is not.

How to Book

All our bookings are made and paid for here on our website. All available classes are listed on our website. If a class is full you are able to go on the waitlist for that class. If a position becomes available we will email the people on the waiting list and the first person to go in and book will get the spot.