From your dog's perspective everything is a trick - in this fun class you'll build all your dog's good basic behaviours, and really build your own problem solving and training brain, so that you can teach your dog anything.

Build your relationship, improve your teamwork, and contributes to confidence and co-ordination for you and your dog.

It is designed to guide you through a variety of Tricks which can count towards a Do More with Your Dog (DMWYD) Trick Title, should you wish to apply.

The classes are 4 weeks long and will contain multiple chances to be assessed for Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and/or Excellent Trick Titles, or you might just want to come along for fun and to develop more party tricks to show off to your family and friends!


  • 4 week class
  • Pre-requisit is Practical Canines
  • Dog must be registered, fully vaccinated and not in season
  • 45 min class
  • Group class at Club Grounds, Ian Galloway Park, Wilton (Map)
  • Will contain multiple chances to be assessed if you wish
  • Cost $70

DMWYD – Novice/Intermediate/Advanced/Excellent Trick Titles can all be applied for online for US $25 (we will send you the link after the class) and you get a neat, spangly certificate and ribbon (if that floats your boat).

Your tricks need to be assessed by an approved DMWYD Trick Instructor to apply. You can do this in person during the 4 weeks or by sending in video to our FB group – there are more levels you can negotiate if you wish: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert and Champion. It gets harder as you move up the levels.

Schedule for 2023

Term 1

Class Day & time First Class Last Class
T1.1 Novice Tricks Thursdays 6-7pm 9 February 2 March
T1.2 Intermediate Tricks Thursdays 6-7pm 9 March 30 March

You can see all the classes we have scheduled so far on our Events Calendar

How to Book

All our bookings are made and paid for here on our website. All available classes are listed on our website. If a class is full you are able to go on the waitlist for that class. If a position becomes available we will email the people on the waiting list and the first person to go in and book will get the spot. 

What to Bring

  • Lots of your best treats - way more than you think you'll need
  • A rope or tug toy if your dog is into them
  • A non-retractable lead 
  • Waterproof, non slip shoes - we are on grass
  • Appropriate clothing for working outside in all weather
  • Clicker if you use one
  • Muzzle or similar if you use one or are required to have one
  • A lead and harness or flat collar. No choke chains or slip leads please

Please bring a LOT of very small treats for your dog. Good options are Possyum cut up small, cheese, cat biscuits etc.

Register for Tricks Class