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Train for the nationally recognised Canine Good Citizen (CGC) award.

Build on up your Practical Canines classes, and extend your training to other useful everyday activities like:

  • Walking nicely through doors and gates
  • Being tolerant of noises and distractions
  • Letting someone else hold them by the collar
  • Staying calmly with someone else
  • Getting ready for vet visits

As well as getting the fundamentals solid:

  • Walking beside you
  • Coming when called
  • Staying in one place

Our CGC instructors are also assessors, and will get you ready to take the test if that's something you want to do.

(Test not included in the course)


  • 5 Sessions
  • Preparing for Titahi Bay Assessment at the end of November
  • Pre-requisit is Practical Canines
  • Dog must be registered, fully vaccinated and not in season
  • 45min class 
  • Dogs under 12 months can take the Canine Good Basics test, but must be over 12 months to do CGC tests
  • Group class at Club Grounds, Ian Galloway Park, Wilton (Map)
  • Cost $90
  • Assessment costs additional if you choose to do it, but not required

Schedule for 2024 - No CGC in Term 1

Please Register for our Canine Good Citizen Notification List to be the first to know when classes become available for booking. If there isn't a class available, Practical Skills is a good alternative

Day Time First Class Last Class
Sunday  10am 16th June 14 July

*There will not be a classes on Public Holiday weekends

How to Book

All our bookings are made and paid for here on our website. All available classes are listed on our website. If a class is full you are able to go on the waitlist for that class. If a position becomes available we will email the people on the waiting list and the first person to go in and book will get the spot. 

What to Bring

  • Lots of your best treats - way more than you think you'll need
  • A rope or tug toy (Playing with your dog is one of the exercises)
  • A flat collar and harness or halti if you have one
  • A non-retractable lead (you can bring a retractable or long line as well)
  • Waterproof, non slip shoes - we are on grass
  • Clicker if you use one
  • A brush
  • A Blanket, towel or mat is useful

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