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If you've done Practical Canines, and want a refresher, or to just teach your dog some new things without a particular focus on competiton this could be the class for you. 

We draw on the Canine Good Citizen programme, and start training behaviours you'll need if you want to do their later assessments, and some good old fashioned obedience skills like retrieveing an article, sending away to a mat and emergency stops.

We'll be making sure we have the basics, for the dog heel, recall, stay. For the person training techniques, luring, shaping, backchaining, timely rewarding.

Class details

  • 6 week class, 45 minute sessions
  • Cost $105
  • Heeling on and off lead
  • Recalling with lots of distractions 
  • Retrieving & play
  • Gate and doorway manners
  • Wait and stay in different positions with lots of distractions
  • Emergency Stop - stop and drop away from you
  • Go around
  • Send away

Schedule for 2023 - this term we are running a CGC class

Our class terms are aligned with New Zealand Primarly School terms, and we do not usually run classes on holiday weekends. We start class the week that terms starts.

You can see all the classes we have scheduled so far on our Calendar

There will be a Canine Good Citizen assessment at the end of November at Titahi Bay club, so we will be running a prep class for that assessment this term instead of the more general skills class.

Class Day and time Start date End date
Canine Good Citizen Sunday 11.15am 15 October 19 November

These classes will start again in Spring - term 4 

How to Book

All our bookings are made and paid for here on our website. All available classes are listed on our website. If a class is full you are able to go on the waitlist for that class. If a position becomes available we will email the people on the waiting list and the first person to go in and book will get the spot. 

What to Bring

  • A rope toy, stick or dumbell - something your dog can retrieve that doesn't bounce or fly (we don't need that sort of chaos!)
  • bed, blaket or towel (something they can see to be sent to and sit on)
  • lots of your best treats - way more than you think you'll need
  • a flat collar and harness or halti if you have one, no slip leads or choke chains please
  • a non retractable lead (you can bring a retractable or long line as well)
  • good waterproof shoes - we are on grass
  • appropriate clothing for working outside in all weather
  • clicker if you use one
  • muzzle or similar if you use one or are required to have one
  • dog's vaccination record

Please bring a LOT of very small treats for your dog. Good options are Possyum cut up small, cheese, cat biscuits etc.

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